Stop motion Shorts
Throughout the semester, I practice my skills through different exercises and assignments that focus on character movement, timing, staging, and frame by frame animation with a physical model. I was able to understand animation in a whole new understanding, as these drove my passion to slowly get better and better until the eventual short film. 
Building J1n
J1n Is the co-star of the short film, a robot designed to sit and ponder on a giant garbage dumpster. J1n the robot is also the first puppet I've ever made for stop motion.
The process of figuring out how to build this puppet was purely through visualizing the puppet's anatomy from the skeleton to the final clothing design. 
Taking my knowledge from character design and personal love of studying anatomy- I began to build my cartoony robot with materials available to me!  
The rotating function inside J1n's TV design was the main character element that I wanted to make for this character. After much trial and error-we were able to figure out how to properly make a rotating screen function to replicate old television boxes and channel switches.
The end result is something I'm really proud of, and super happy with. I love robots and designing them is something I practice on the side- making J1n has brought the practice of drawing these articulated designs to reality. Using my own personal passions of scrapbooking, crafting and creating physical art- I was able to decorate and create this model and call him my first star.
The main tools I used were aluminum wires provided by the Stop-Motion department of the school. Then, I went ahead and got myself crafting wood, popsicle sticks, textured paper and small miniature gears primarily used as buttons from a craft store.
The same process followed through when I designed and created the set and stage for my characters, making a large scale model of the world they live in.
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