Hello! My name is Kara Dominique Garcia, ​​​​​​​
Known through my online presence as KDominiqueArt! 
I’m a Filipina-American Artist living in the suburbs of Chicago! Currently a student in Columbia College Chicago, I am in the BFA program for Traditional Animation as well as minoring in Illustration. 
My designs and concepts come from personal experiences, aesthetics, and inspirations from the world around me, this fuels my content flow through the mix medium works of animating scenes or illustrating visual narratives. With stories I express in hopes of giving the world back the inspiration it gave me, I write as much as I create the stories I hope to share to my audience!
 The sketchbooks I carry tend to hold a lot of my doodles, warm-ups, concepts, drafts and maybe even finished work through the mix medium format. With the love of using both traditional and digital tools, such as; Gouache, Watercolor, Inks, Adobe suite, Clip studio paint and procreate, I do my best to make the art I can in hopes of finding my artistic voice! I’ve recently been trying to take my art further through the visual and physical elements of products! Making Stickers, buttons, fanart, zines and designs, I have a lot of fun making art for In-Person shows and Online Shop!
 I hope to make an impact to others who view my work, as well as grow in my own work process as I am a part of a wonderful community of artists who share the same passions as I do !! :)
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