Michael, a free spirited high school student who's under a curse given by the lost demon Lucas, who is trying to get back home, belong to a short story about a duo who find themselves in a twisted circumstance that could break the barrier between Earth and the Underworld. 

Much like the outcome of the Paper Telephone project, these two characters, have been revived from a 2017 story to the story they have now.  The animatic is a fun project for myself that shows a bit of their story. 
A Sadness Runs Through Him 
Inspired by the song A Sadness Runs Through Him by The Hoosiers, I created this Fan animatic from the love of not only the song itself but the story of the lyrics.
Background roughs for animatic
Illustration and sketchbooks works

Stated in the animatic, this is a work in progress! I used the storyboard assignments in one of my animation classes to push me in working on my characters once more and create this fun personal project. As I work to finish this narrative and fan experimental animation, I am eager to show my process and progress in what has changed, developed, improved, and learned! ​​​​​​
Short animation final 
For this short animation final, I wanted to experiment between animating between Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony. I wanted to see which program better suited the style and execution I wanted to give these characters in character animation. Though it ended up a little rough, I am excited to continue to discover and learn more in order to improve and make more animations like this! 

The audio used for this animation is audio recorded of the city, the same style and technique I used in my other animation final NOISE. I wanted to incorporate the loud and eerie noise ambiance you would hear if in a city setting like this animation. The backgrounds are inspired by the pictures and settings I took while walking through the city.
Sketchbook spreads and notes 
for this short animation project​​​​​​​
Scene concepts inspired by city pictures taken during my commute
The concept idea and notes were drawn and made in one of my sketchbooks at the time of the assignment! Much like other sketchbook spreads, I liked adding a 'journaling/scrapbooking' feel to one of the pages to help me get an idea of what kind of look I want to give to the animation! The thumbnails were drawn on loose animation paper found in the animation room this class was held in, a fun material I wanted to experience drawing on, even if it was for rough ideas. In the near future I hope to find myself animating with the same paper 
Composed all together in Adobe Premiere, I combined the pieces made in Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony, and the audio recorded for the short animation. 
More about these characters will be shared soon in future works! 
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