This was my first storyboard assignment for my animation class. 
During class, we were instructed to draw and write down any idea that comes to mind in a sketchbook to get a rough idea down on what we want to visually create.
 What is first shown in the video is one of the spreads from my sketchbook that came from the in-class exercise, leading me to storyboard the first few minutes of the audio and scene from the podcast: The Truth: Silvia’s Blood.
 For this short project, I wanted to demonstrate my style in creating a piece like this, for we didn’t have any restraints in how to create it. I started with the concept sketches, continuing off the doodles we had to brainstorm during class.
I listened to the audio once more, and focused on trying to imagine what the characters would wear during that time period and how they would look like. 
In the end of the podcast, they mentioned that this story is based off of a tale that originated from the 50’s, so I based my research off of the clothing in that time era.
 Noting that these voices might have belonged to younger characters, I kept in mind to look for fashion for the characters in that age group. trying to break free from my comfort zone of character designs, so I also wanted to focus on how my characters would look with the clothing I picked for them.  
Once I visualized the characters, I went ahead and rendered one of the scenes that stood out to me
 I took experience from when I would bike out in forest preserves with my close friend (as shown on the right), and during some of my favorite road trips I would have vast sights of forests and fall-like color scheme during the season. Drawing some of the frames felt nostalgic, while adding the characters to interact with the environments gave me a fun and real feel to the scene I illustrated.
 The audio sounded as though the characters were walking through lots of bushes and leaves on the ground, so I envisioned it being fall or near winter. 

Picture taken by Kara D 
Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Finalized Scenes 
Overall, I had a lot of fun with this short project. It gave me the opportunity to experiment with character design and to build a world around the given narrative.  
While I have little experience in making short animatics and storyboards, I have not created anything like this. It was a fun small assignment that inspired me to continue making storyboards that became apart of my process in other animation assignments given throughout the semester. 
I am ecstatic to learn more through my future storyboard projects and exercises helping me improve and learn more skills.  

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