Little World is my first animation project back in my senior year of high school, at the end of 2020. The inspiration to this piece was in focus of my senior year's sustained investigation for my AP portfolio: The world in one's perspective.
 Through a series of previous projects, drafts, and lots of trial and error, I finalized a focus in wanting to show my audience a short story of what the world looks like in the perspective of someone seeing the world through their eyes: this short narrative is about a little drawing, coming out of the paper to see their world for the first time 
Only having little experience in animation, I used this prior knowledge to create each animation gif separately with Procreate's animation assist, composing the piece altogether in Adobe Premiere. 
 I wanted to experiment with different forms of video and animation styles. During this time, I did not have the tools to animate on a computer, so  I created what I could using my recourses and the bit of experience from past small animations. 
I was inspired by various music videos, movies, and small indie animations that incorporate live action mixed with 2d animation, so creating this piece was a lot of fun. 
 I staged my room as the setting for the world itself for the little drawing, using my Canon camera and a stand as my way to record the set up and take pictures of the scenes I would later have the drawing interact with. Experimenting with frame by frame traditional animation styles, I wanted to incorporate transparent paper along with study and practice Procreate's animation tools and features. ​​​​​​​
How I made the music 

The songs playing in the background are my own simple melodies made with my Luna ukulele and recorded through an external microphone on my laptop.
I made a small video that demonstrates this! 
Overall, I had a lot of fun making this short animation and I valued the first experience in animating on a new program. Before this project, I used various other animation programs to figure out and practice frame by frame animation, but Little World was my first time producing a full short. Though it was a rocky process, and it has a few needed tweaks here and there, I had a lot of fun with this and am excited to grow as an artist through future animations.
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